Friday, April 3, 2015

And On To April!

I managed to squeak both both scarves in under the Mad Dash wire, giving me
2090 yards for my Mad Dash team (which luckily had some faster knitters, so we made the 12,000 yard mark) and 34 projects for the year! 

Of course, what I wanted to do was immediately cast on more lace, but I would REALLY love to see a physical reduction in stash this year, so I cast on a one-row scarf instead:
The yarn is an acrylic that I've had for a while, and generally I only use acrylic for baby clothes, but I really like this colorway.  AND it's been in my stash probably 9 years, and this scarf will use it all up--and hopefully make a great gift.  THEN I can revisit the lace thing..........

The two runners with fleece for a backing have been finished and washed,
 and while they turned out okay, I'm not overly thrilled with the bottom one with the decorative ties.  The stippled one was certainly the bigger pain to actually MAKE because the fleece was so stretchy, but it certainly looks best.  I'll have to think about this before trying it again.  The next ones,
are being stippled with the regular batting sandwich.  The first one I used bits of fusible webbing to baste, and the one in progress now used basting spray and pins.  Honestly, I prefer fusible fleece to both, but it's not practical for all projects and I am trying to learn to do this.  The final one might get the fusible fleece just to make it easy on myself, but I am getting better.

Now that the weather is warm, Theo has better things to do, but Calisto is enjoying the "cleaning" of the sewing room:
More than I am, to be honest.  I am trying to be really good about cleaning off my crafting table at least, which made it easy to start cutting some new kimono ornaments last night:
I even ironed the next strip sets for the second spicy spiral runner.  The first one has been laundered and the fusible fleece with no quilting worked beautifully, so I'm almost ready to tackle the next two.  Almost..........