Sunday, January 21, 2018

I Have Crafting Time!

And with a little less help,
I'd be making progress on the tumbling blocks quilt.  At least I know the quilt is snuggly,
and perfect for naps.

When I started quilting this, I actually hadn't decided exactly what I was going to do, but 
I like how the three lines of stitching in variegated thread look, so that's what I'm doing.  It's so nice to have a plan............

We're still unpacking, and of course the sewing room is kind of the last priority, but we found a filing cabinet at a thrift store,
so my sewing patterns finally have a home.  I'll admit, everything is taking longer than it needs to because I sorted through all the patterns to purge anything that I really am no longer interested in making, and while that still leaves me with a crazy number of patterns, I have fewer than I started with.  Another box of books has also gone to the donation bin, so there's quite a bit less stuff to deal with--no matter what it looks like.

Ravelry added a new feature this year: you can sign up for a finished projects goal, and it has my little heart all aflutter.  They can only count knitting projects, so I signed up for 20 finished projects--which would be 16 more than last year.  Oops.  It was a busy year, and I still don't even know where some of my knitting WIPs are, but it's January and the Month of Optimism.