Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And I Botch The Next Project

Some time ago, I had cut out some blue microsuede that's been around since probably 2005,
and after the latest bunch of table runners, I thought I'd take a break and stitch up the outfit.  The pants are done except for the elastic in the waistband, but the top was a bit more problematic.  The interfacing on the neckline didn't work well with the fabric--so much so that I ended up tearing it in a couple places to make it work.  THEN, since it had worked with another top of the exact same pattern also in microsuede, I decided to use decorative stitching at the neck, hem, and sleeves.  And THIS is where I made it into an only-around-home shirt: 
It worked perfectly on the test swatch.  Yes, I even did a practice run on this fabric, and it STILL managed to go badly.  It's even worse on the hem--all wavy and puckered--which it didn't do on the test piece, of course.  I think I might have enough of this fabric left to do a second shirt--I'll check before adding the sleeves to this piece.  One thing about decorative stitching, while one CAN occasionally rip it out, one usually damages the fabric. 


Luckily, knitting doesn't involve decorative stitching of any sort.  I've recently finished another one-row scarf,

in what may or may not be the last of this yarn.  My tally on Ravelry says there is another skein and a half, but I remember having some question about that when I added it, so it may not exist.  But a new scarf for the gift bin DOES exist now!

I even spent some time with the latest stamped cross stitch project:
because my hand is a bit tired from knitting.  Because sitting still is just NOT an option.   I even cast on a new project last night
to work on while Andy and I watched a Great Courses dvd I had borrowed from the library.  While the introductory lecture to Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers is a testament to the horrible "tell them what you're going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them" plague that struck college public speaking courses in the early 1990s and would make corporate meetings Power-Point nightmares until the practice was mostly tossed by smarter minds, the first two real lectures have been pretty interesting for those of us residing in Geekdom.  The Alice Starmore sweater is a bit too involved for geeky lecture knitting. 

I'm making a Lacy Bowknot scarf with some sock yarn leftovers.  A smarter knitter would have checked to make sure I have enough yarn to do this, but I like to live on the edge.  You know, who wants to do math before watching a lecture ON math?  Because that makes sense in my world.

AND, guess who just got her Valentine's Day gift?
Isn't that cute?  It's hard to see in the picture, but the cat (complete with reading glasses) is knitting!  I think the frame was actually much harder for Andy to make than the scrollwork picture itself.  I'm going to hang it in my sewing room.  This makes 2015 a pretty good year for us on Valentine gifts.  Some years we're both more than 6 months late.  And then there's Andy's birthday clothes from last year that aren't actually started..............