Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've got plenty of time.............NOT

Last weekend, I put the borders on the birthday quilt, and thanks to everyone's much appreciated input, I've decided to quilt it with a simple ("simple" being not elaborate, not "simple" as in "I can't mess this up," because I can and have repeatedly in the past. Incidentally, it only took me one really disastrous quilt to realize one should quilt from the inside out rather than vice versa--I consider that a triumph of personal growth over stubbornness) stitch-in-the-ditch pattern and to let the zig-zag of the music notes be the real focal point.

So, this afternoon I laid out the backing, the batting, pinned the top on--smoothing everything repeatedly (OK, that one took me about 3 project disasters to learn--sometimes stubbornness wins), pinned militantly, turned around to set up the sewing machine, and

I swear, they must have radar. To be fair, she does match the quilt rather nicely.

This morning I realized--this is a gift for a birthday that occurs two weeks from TODAY! Oops, that's sooner than I realized. So, don't look for any knitting progress this weekend--I'll be quilting and, most likely, swearing. Nothing says "love" like a handmade gift, after all....