Sunday, August 23, 2009

4 Months To Go

There's just a little over 4 months left in my second Year of the Stash, and I'm not even halfway to my goals. I'm not even halfway to where I was last year. How is this possible? I'm not working this year, I had a 6-week surgery recovery period where almost all I could do was knit--and I have used about 45 skeins of yarn. Do you realize I could replace that in 1.2 minutes if left alone with the internet and my credit card?????


I had it figured up last year that if I knit approximately 20,000 yards per year (last year I managed 19,000 but I'm taking advantage of my knitterly optimism) I could use up my stash in about 9-10 years. And be able to get the sewing room closet doors closed in about 3. HOWEVER, if I'm currently on target to only do 15,000 yards then I might have a 15-year stash which is a bit depressing as I had visions of going on a yarn-shopping bender in 2018 that would leave my credit card whimpering in pain.

I have 4 months left--what are the odds of racking up another 10,000 yards by the end of the year????? And why am I not knitting right now????????