Friday, May 16, 2014


And it's Friday.  I'm hoping for a bit of crafting, but I'm braving Costco this morning, and it is HIGH GARDENING time here but without my ordinary strength or stamina, so I've made a goal to transfer 5 plants every day, so crafting will have to be after all of that.  The good news is, of course, that after all that, I'll need some crafting time to rest.  :) 

Wednesday I walked down to our gym, lifted weights, then walked home--a little over a 3 mile walk.  Yesterday I walked for 3 1/2 miles.  Today I am taking it a bit easier as this is the first time I've managed two long walks in 2 days and the best way to take the fun right out of a new milestone is to spend the next 3 days in bed.  I'm getting my old energy level back but not always with the energy or strength to match.  Yesterday I would have napped all afternoon if I could take naps.  Instead, I finished the 15th rep on Lace Dream, though this
is really the only way I am tracking progress now.  It's already long.  It's getting longer, but it's still furry and lacy and looks pretty much the same.  But my little chart of pattern repeats--look at all THAT progress!!!!!

I'm rather proud of myself over this.  Last weekend I finally figured out what to give two friends of ours who got married in Washington state last year.  Beaded lace scarves!
One is a professional musician, and we saw her perform last week and it occurred to me how often she wears scarves.  Actually, they both do, but I think the black with gold beads would look good on stage.  And I haven't cast on either of them because I'm not yet finished with Lace Dream!  I'm going to pass this off as a sign of maturity, rather than admitting I'm currently using the needles I want to use.  We cling to what we can.............

Not that there hasn't been a little flirtation with other projects, like a new ornament
 or the pillowcases,
 but there hasn't been a new lace project.  For me, this is restraint........