Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kauni Cardigan

So, it has taken some discussion and perhaps a little begging, but my right hand and I have come to an understanding and it has agreed to participate in knitting. So, I was able to get here:before admitting that I think maroon & lime green aren't my favorite color combination. I think it looks like high school mascot colors that were picked with little to no thought. So....the hardest knitting I've done in a long time was sent to the frog pond.

Browsing through the 200+ Kauni cardigans on Ravelry, I noticed that I liked some sweaters better than others, and the only real difference in most of the sweaters is how the different colors line up. I spent at least an hour deciding which ones I liked best, and decided to go with the more gradual changes, so I'm lining the changes up (if the knitting gods are willing) just offset by one color, and am hoping for the best. So far, it's looking very "When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple,"
which is a bit depressing as I'm not even 40, but I enjoy the way it's looking.

My blanket square is done
and have decided it needs a little alteration to use as a scarf, as it did start to curl a bit when I cast off. I have a simple garter stitch one on the needles now--interesting pattern giving way to sheer speed. I don't know who is lined up to sew the 49 blocks per blanket together, but I won't be volunteering. We all have our limits...:)