Thursday, September 26, 2013

There Has Been Canning........

....but very little crafting going on here lately.  I did finally get a picture of the new ornaments,
 but as there haven't been any more since then, I'm farther behind than I was.  Darn tomatoes.

The last crafting time I had wasn't even spent on ornaments:
I made a bowl from some of the rope Andy gave me for my birthday.  I love it, and since it was part of a gift,
I'm keeping the bowl.  It's new purpose is to hold my embroidery threads that I'm actually using.  I don't think one can really keep thread organized while it's in use, but the baggies and bowl should help.  The free-standing lace ornaments have to have matching thread in the bobbin, but one would be very sorry to sew with such lightweight thread under any other circumstances, so the baggies keep spools and bobbins together.  It's not pretty, but it really helps. 

I had a little spare time this morning, and went into the sewing room determined to try a new ornament,
 and got ambushed by another rope basket.  Maybe I just need to find a way to hang them on the tree so I can count them............................