Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving On....

I would be showing you the new scarf with a little spot of steam blocking, except
My little sidekick has commandeered (and furred) the ironing board.  I thought I might get it back earlier today, as he almost rolled off, but he caught himself in time.  He seems to be doing better with the stress issues, but falling off the ironing board probably wouldn't have helped.  So,
it isn't blocked.  I almost tried for one final pattern repeat, but I'm glad I didn't.  There isn't enough yarn there for a whole pattern, which makes me rather pleased with my guessing.

I am back to working on the sweater now,
which will be the most time-intensive WIP I have, I think.  I thought if I finished THIS one first, everything else would be fast comparatively, but monogamous knitting has never been my strongest point.  Maybe if I get some progress done on this, I can swoop in and finish off something else when I get tired of this, and then when I come back to this, it will be less-daunting each time.  A wiser knitter would have made sure there were a few WIPs on big needles before committing to a WIP-marathon, but this is character building.  Or something..................