Monday, January 29, 2018

I Wore A Begonia Swirl Today

You may have noticed that there has been a tendency for all lace patterns of late to be "Begonia Swirl" shawls.  This is because I am madly in love with this pattern.  Can you blame me?

Well TODAY I finally wore one for Me Made Monday.  That's right--I'm on my SIXTH Begonia Swirl shawl and the fifth one for me, and I've never worn any of them.  To be fair, packing and moving aren't shawl-events, and one of the shawls was finished shortly before the move and still needs to be blocked....found and blocked, that is.  And now I want to make 10 more of them.  

I hadn't really intended to continue Me Made Mondays, but there were people who wanted to continue with the thread on Ravelry and I do have rather a lot of me-made items, so I have not missed a Monday yet this year.  I haven't even forgotten a Monday yet, which is the REAL news.