Friday, July 11, 2008

Sick Days Are Good For Something

Totally flattened by this silly cold, I spent yesterday in bed with Vicks, both cats, the BBC production of Middlemarch, and the Top Secret project, which left me well rested, smelling of menthol, dreaming in English syntax, and with this:

Top Secret just needs ribbing done around the edges and some severe blocking, and it will be done & on its way to the recipient. I believe it is safe to post this now as I don't think the new owner follows my knitting blog too closely. I have never been good at keeping gifts as surprises anyway--I'm always too excited about them. Recipients are probably lucky I don't open their gifts for them!

And, the new stash depletion totals: 65.5 balls and 9388 yards of yarn used so far this year!