Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I'm not sure what Andy would have normally chosen to do with a three-day weekend, but what he's doing is finishing the top shelf for the sewing room.  This
will stretch across the tops of the other shelves and run the length of the entire wall.  I call it the "holy-cow-I-have-a-lot-of-stuff" shelf.  For another day, I am going to pretend that this will allow me to organize EVERYTHING crafting I own.  Then I'll have a paper-bag ready for the hyperventilation later......

My back is hurting less, and the drug episode is wearing off.  Because my back hurt again, I went back to full-strength pain pills.  Makes sense, doesn't it?  Well, I have always had a pretty rotten tolerance for any sort of drug, and with ALL the exercise and working out and weights and everything else, I discovered today that even with all the new muscle mass, I've lost 9 pounds this year alone.  Well, THAT will play all sorts of fun games with one's ability to absorb things one doesn't do well with anyway, and I have been flattened by the pain pills this time.   I dropped back to half-levels, but still had to take it easy yesterday, so:
I started a new hat.  Being a hat I've made before, it isn't too tricky for me, and if my gauge is wonky still, there isn't anything for it to match, and I need 10 more hats for the year.  I love this hat pattern, mostly because of the tweedy effect:
It's all done with slipped stitches, so each round only has one color to contend with, thankfully.  I'm not a big color-work fan at the best of times,  but it would have completely done me in yesterday.  After the last couple days, it was almost pure stockinette.............