Monday, June 2, 2008

Reasons to Have a Knitting Blog

* Everyone else has one, and you are such a "joiner" if merino is involved!

* No matter how awful the project is, the other on-line knitters will say nice things about it.

* Your family is sick of hearing about the intricacies of lace knitting.

* Knitting has become "hip" and it is the first time you are really "with it" and it needs to be documented.

* Even if you managed to sew the sleeve to the neckhole, someone online will know how to fix it.

* "Real life" people will find your stash insane. The online knitting community will be supportive. And a little jealous if it's REALLY big.

* When you are excited that your husband has scheduled a "Boys Night Out" and you excited that you will get quality time alone with some alpaca, the online knitters will understand.

And the number ONE reason:

The online knitting community is completely & totally fabulous!!!!!!!