Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top Secret Project Finished and Blocking!

Bright and early this morning, I added the ribbing to the shrug, and with Theo's "help," washed and rinsed it--

which is very thirsty work--blocked itand finally got Theo away from it.
which I'm sure is only a temporary situation. Nothing excites him so much as blocking knitting or something without a layer of cat hair covering it.

There are still about 3 loose ends that need to be woven in, but I like to do that after blocking--I always think that there's less chance of causing any tension problems that way. Tomorrow I'll wrap it up and ship it off to the birthday girl.

As hard as it is to believe after the Marathon Mohair Monster that is the Lady's Circular Cape, I found myself missing working on lace, so this long suffering scarf has gotten some attention this weekend. I started it sometime last year, but have never been very excited about working on it as the lace pattern is a bit too fussy for me to have memorized, so I have to sit with the Barbara Walker book open in front of me anytime I work on it, making it distinctly Non Portable--a state that usually gets a knitting project banished to the Project Time Out Bin. However, it is more than 60% finished, and I love the scarf in general, and I'm still under the influence of cold medicine, so it has achieved Favored Project State for the weekend. Maybe if the cold lasts long enough, I'll be delirious enough to finally finish MS3.....