Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Made It With Three Days To Spare!!!

About one hour ago, I finished the last seam on this baby.....

and it's a bit big.  I think I'll eventually redo the collar seam at the "V" and I'll see what blocking does for it.  If that doesn't solve the problem, I'll be frogging and making something else with this yarn.  I've hung onto it for possibly 10 years now--I'm getting a sweater out of it, dang it!

Of course, it might be fine once I fix the neck.  It was 95 degrees yesterday and today, and thanks to a mouse that Theo brought in and lost when it crawled into a crack underneath the bathroom cabinets where we can't get at it, we have eau de dead mouse permeating the upstairs of the house.  If we close the windows so we can turn on the air conditioning, the stink is unbelievable.  So, we have all the windows open and roast, we're hot but it doesn't stink.  I wouldn't have automatically guessed it, but it seems hot beats stinky hands down.  So, I had this sweater on for about 18 seconds, and wasn't thrilled with it, but right now I'd feel the same way about a tee-shirt. 

Since everyone enjoyed the Stashdash, or are saying they did so as not to hurt my feelings, we're having a "dead heat" stashdash July 1 through August 31.  Same idea--fill a basket with yarn and try to knit it all up--but this time I'm involving NO sweaters, and I think my basket might be having issues.  This
is what I had in my basket an hour ago.  This
is what I have added since finishing the sweater.  That's a fair bit of yarn in two months, but right now I'm justifying it because I have planned to include the new gray socks, but since I'm finished with the sweater early, I'll have the socks farther along than expected...which I'm sure will make ALL the difference.

Thank heavens I'm always so rational after finishing a project............................