Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Only 1000 To Go!

The mohair scarf is done!!!!!
It's the longest scarf I've ever made, but with the European scarf-tying look being so popular right now, I thought long might be best, though I'm now worried I made it too long.  Maybe I'll block it a bit wider to shrink the length just a bit.  BUT, 245 yards of yarn from my recent yarn order have been used up and won't have to be accounted for on my start-of-year yarn tally that I am going to make myself do.  Another 1000 yards by the end of the year, and it will be like that 1375-yard hank never happened............

I started to cast on the second sock for this pair
because it's the closest to being a Finished Project in my huge pile of WIPS, but then I remembered:  I made it to 111 finished projects already.  Now I'm after yardage for the year.  (Knit just for fun?  What???)  So, I have dug out my birthday socks, because if you look really closely:
this sock is really close to being done, and when it IS, I get to count another 230 yards.  Never mind that I will then have 2 single socks and no pairs--with 3 days left in the year, this is not the time to bother me with rationality.......

(Side note:  RobinH had asked about the wonderful hat pattern for the orange beret.  It's a free pattern from Bernat, which you might be able to get to here.  Their website is a bit hard to negotiate because you have to log in to see patterns, so the Ravelry link is here.  It's a VERY cute hat in bulky-weight yarn, so it's a great fast knit and not very difficult.)