Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Finished Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it doesn't bother me in the slightest that it was a brand new one and that all the ones "in progress" are still "in progress."

Did I mention that I leapt off the fabric wagon many months ago? It's one thing to buy no yarn for a year, but fabric is a bit harder as things come up and I've only been stashing fabric for a few years. Anyway, the August Soup Night is on Monday, and it was originally going to be a salsa tasting as I assumed I would have had time to make a few new salsas by August. I failed to discuss this plan with the tomatoes however, and I am now just hoping to harvest our first tomato by Monday. So I have changed the event to a salsa cook-off, and decided salsa cocktail napkins to give as prizes were in order, so today I made 18 napkins:
The problem now is that they are so cute that we want some for ourselves, so I'll be headed back to Joanns soon.

I am still counting the 2 yards of fabric used in my stash tally--even though the 2 yards were never technically IN the stash as I bought the material yesterday and used it today, but it could have been in the stash and who am I to deny material its full potential???

Theo was thrilled to be sewing of courseand could hardly contain his excitement......