Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Free Night To Knit

Andy is still away, so last night I had an evening to myself. Did I sew up Cheap Thrills? Work on the overdue birthday poncho? Get caught up on dem fischer sin fru? Work on the Lady's Circular Cape? Finish those last 30 rows of MS3?

Nope. I cast on for an alpaca cardie I was planning to knit later this fall:

DK weight, size 6 needles, and the body is done in one piece, and I'm thinking I can finish it in one month? Well, I'm sure it would be possible, but I would have to give up A) sleep, B) work, or C) my sanity. My plan--which always makes more sense than what I actually do--was to alternate some of the longer projects with finishing some of those pesky WIPs lurking around the sewing room. So, if I have any sense at all, I will be putting this little project aside until I finish the planned April sweater, then work on it for a week, do the May project, work on this a little, and so on. Of course, if I had any sense I would not be in 4 KALs right now that I have either not even started or am floundering around in Clue 1 (pun intended), have 46,000 yards of laceweight yarn, have fabric oozing out every nook & cranny in the sewing room, or have needed to do THE YEAR OF THE STASH!

We'll see what happens.