Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And We're Off!

It's January 1 and I am starting my SIXTH year of Cold Sheeping.  I swear my stash has gotten smaller, but it would be hard to tell overall because I didn't start out with a very accurate record.  I thought I started out with a pretty clear picture of the stash last year, but packing up the sewing room unearthed some MAJOR amounts of unrecorded yarn.  So, five years later, I think I can honestly say that all yarn has been accounted for because I have no idea where else it could be lurking.  

So, I am starting the year with:

949.29 balls of yarn
199,734.1 yards of yarn

Totally scary numbers--but in the last 5 years of Cold Sheeping, I have used up:

439.99 balls of yarn
83,483.9 yards of yarn

Also rather amazing numbers, really.  I didn't keep a record of "reward" or "whoops" or even "allowed" purchases, but I'm sort of guessing there has still been a substantial stash decrease.  Which means the stash was COMPLETELY insane 5 years ago, and since it is presumably smaller now, then my stash is currently NOT completely insane, right?

When buried under wool, we grasp at what we can............