Friday, December 26, 2008

Number 7 is Holding!!!!

We made it through Christmas without any visits to West Vet! (And you know they were placing side bets on that one after the Thanksgiving incident) We think the cast will come off on January 5. Theo continues to try for sooner, but this one is tight enough that I have to keep checking his little kitty toes for circulation issues.

Theo continues to take things in stride, though I think all the attention is going to his head. Christmas morning he joined me on the settee for a little Yuletide bonding:
and had soon forgotten the concept of "sharing"
We might need larger furniture.

The last few days have been mostly about cooking and entertaining, but the scarf did get a few rows here & there and I think is a little over half finished.
And as my window for yarn purchases nears, I thought it advisable to fess up to a little more of the stash on Ravelry, so my feltable yarns were added:I think it's a good idea to line up witnesses when a moment of weakness approaches......