Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reasons Why Finishing WIPs is Better than Casting On

* You'll locate all those missing knitting needles.

* Your knitting bags will be less likely to explode under pressure

* Winter is coming, and it's a whole lot easier to stay warm with a finished sweater than half a scarf.

* Putting a bad project in the very back of the closet doesn't actually make it go away.

* Is there a better reason to justify buying more yarn than just having finished a project?

* It would be really embarrassing to give someone a baby sweater for her firstborn when you had actually started it for her as a baby.

* You'll just have to memorize that stitch pattern all over again if you set it aside

* People will notice if projects keep disappearing off your knitting blog and never reappearing.

* If you've been knitting for a long time, it might surprise people if you start finishing a whole bunch of projects at once. You can torture them by saying you've finally figured out how to knit in your sleep, but you won't give any details.

* If you finish a large number of WIPs (say 15) all in a row, the knitting world will be in awe and wonder. There will be hushed whispers, discussions, perhaps a cult following. There may even be an action figure.

* There will be far less guilt when you finally go on a binge and cast on 37 new projects in one evening.

7 down.....20 to go!!!!!!!

Note: To be funny I was going to say "Why Finishing WIPs is Better than Sex," but that would put my blog into a whole bunch of searches I don't think I want to be in.