Monday, February 23, 2009

Sometimes Every Relationship Needs a Time-Out

I love this yarn.I love how the finished sweaters on Ravelry look. I love how my colors are working this time
but now, inventive little project that it is, we have a new problem. It turns out that a K1, P1 ribbing is only nonrolling when it's in a solid color. Using one color for the knit stitches and one for the purls has given me a dense fabric that rolls almost as badly as plain old stockinette. I thought longingly of just pretending it wasn't happening and relying on blocking to force it into ribbingness, but years ago I tried to block stockinette into flatness, and without the aid of starch or glue, I don't think it's possible. So......I will be starting over AGAIN.

But just not right now.....I'm off to visit my sock yarn bin.......