Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They're Back!

Bob:  We're here at Ravelympics Training camp with some very surprising developments.

Ron:  Right you are, Bob.  In a sudden burst of activity, Ms. Sutton blocked FIVE scarves yesterday,
without incident.....
 Bob:  It looks like there might have been a little kitty subterfuge involved, but Ms. Sutton has completed her stretching exercises, and possibly even more surprisingly,
 is on day 3 of what could become her endurance test.

Ron:  Now this is earlier than you expected for the endurance test, isn't it Bob?

Bob:  It is indeed, Ron.  We had expected to see a little more activity with the mohair sweater
but some ongoing yarn thinning problems have landed it in the Project Protection Program, and we believe the sweater is currently in hiding somewhere in Montana and answering to the name "Beauford."

Ron:  Certainly an unexpected turn of events, but with the new baby sweater already being on the third day, it's off to a promising start for the endurance test.  But will it last?  Keep it turned here to the Wide World of Wool to see.