Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Days Left

Andy gets home late tomorrow night, so I have all of today and tomorrow to craft like a maniac.  Part of me--the one that caused all the stash issues and spends most of her time in "time out" for bad behavior--is so delighted with the floral jacket that I'm having to restrain myself from starting one out of a green home decorating fabric in my stash.  Oh sure, I know that working with home decorating fabric was really hard and I may never want to do it again in my lifetime, but Problem-child Toni doesn't seem to know that.  To be fair, it really is a cute jacket, and the green would make a fantastic jacket, but I think I need to pick something else for today.  Andy shouldn't have to come home to a wife who is in desperate need of sedation.

So, I had decided earlier this year to try to make one thing for each season.  I decorate the house for seasons--spring, summer, fall, Christmas, and winter.  I started doing it when we first bought the house because we had lots of space and no actual decorations of any kind, and I've stuck with it just because it's so nice to give the house a face-lift 4 or 5 times a year.

In normal circumstances, the house would currently have the spring decorations up, but I'm mad at spring this year.  It's almost May, and we're still getting rain, hail, snow, freezing temperatures, and just generally really icky weather.  Well, if THAT'S the way spring wants to behave, I'm going straight to summer.  And I'm thinking that in 2 days, I might be able to finally finish this:

Anyone remember this from 2009?????  It is supposed to be a tablecloth (which means no quilting as there will be no batting), but it got derailed when I finally did the math and realized that I would need 180 blocks to fit our table, and I had the material for significantly less than 180 blocks.  So my new plan is either an inset of red or green blocks--maybe in a circle--or a few diagonals of blocks with solid red in place of the strawberry print.  Or maybe all red or green blocks around the outside as a frame?