Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Me Made Tuesday

Originally, I was going to stick to Me Made Monday and wear the pink sewing jacket I made years ago from this,
but even inside with the air conditioning going, it was too hot.  Today, however, will only be in the 80s, so I decided it could be Me Made Tuesday and I'm wearing
 which is the second-oldest sweater I have, but as I only fixed it a few years ago so that the neckline was wearable, it looks new still.  Honestly, I love this sweater, and for making it in high school, aside from not weaving in any ends, I did a pretty decent job on it. 

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend.  I didn't spend as much time sewing as I thought I would, but we did a LOT of walking, got some flowers planted, I got some financial stuff taken care of, read a lot, stretched a lot, and relaxed.  I even made a bowl,
using the leftover fabric from the wine-themed spicy-spiral runner I made for us, and I love how it turned out.  I'm not sure if anyone can tell it's actually wine-themed, but I love it anyway.  So there might be a few more bowls coming up using scraps since this one turned out so well.  Of course, what I should be doing is sewing something appropriate to wear to work when the heat returns, but when have I ever planned ahead?