Friday, December 31, 2010

Finishing Thursday

This week's lesson learned: Just because a broken toe feels better after three weeks, it is not really healed.  

Since it will be 4 weeks tomorrow and there is STILL bruising, it probably shouldn't be surprising that walking around on it can still really, really hurt, but AMAZINGLY I was getting a bit impatient, so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was out running errands and "catching up" on things that I hadn't been able to do very easily.  By Wednesday night, the real catching up seemed to be being done by the pain.  My foot actually hurt more Wednesday night than it had at any time since the x-ray fiasco.  So, figuring it needed a day of rest, I moved my to-do list to today and used yesterday as Finishing Thursday.

First, a finished chemo cap:

Then casting on for a new chemo cap:
 and the scarf is so very close to being done that I think I'll have it doe by the end of the day--to-do list not withstanding.  I decided my desire to raise my "stash used up" number is stronger than my desire to hedge my bets for next year.  I spent as much time as I could stand doing the hand-stitching on the second apron:

and I'm going to remember to NOT let myself count yardage on a project until all the work I don't like is done as well.  AND that one does not want to hand stitch on black material.  EVER.

My foot and I have some things to do today, but since we have guests coming for New Year's Day brunch and more guests coming for dinner on the second, we will be seeing in the new year with a quiet night at home (reading, knitting, shivering as the furnace is acting up and it is currently 58 degrees INSIDE the house), so there could still be two more finished projects for 2010!