Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 12-Step Program for going "Cold Sheep"

Step 1. Admit that you have more yarn than you can knit within the next 6 months, unless you can learn to knit in your sleep.

Step 2. Admit that sheep, llamas, and alpacas have produced fleece for hundreds of years, and they will probably continue to do so

Step 3. Admit that some yarn in your stash you have never truly intended to knit–you just wanted to own it.

Step 4. Admit that just because it’s 50% off, bad yarn is still bad yarn

Step 5. Admit that, try as you might, there will always be a limit to how fast you can knit

Step 6. Admit that other family members have rights to closet space, too.

Step 7. Admit that visiting a LYS daily is probably not a good idea

Step 8. Admit that it’s really okay if someone else has a yarn that you don’t have

Step 9. Admit that yarn’s “calming” effect dwindles when your stash reaches the $1000 mark

Step 10. Admit that all that yarn really won’t keep anyone warm until you knit it into something

Step 11. Admit that variegated and handpainted yarns often look better as yarn skeins.

Step 12. Admit that no matter how fabulous the yarn is, there will always be another fabulous yarn in the future and IT might be on sale.......