Sunday, July 14, 2019

Over 60!

I got up early yesterday and finished the jacket from last weekend,
 and to add the buttons to the flannel shirt,
 so now my fabric tally is just over 60 yards of fabric for the year.  The thing I love about using up fabric--besides generally getting clothing out of it--is that it makes a faster dent in the sewing room.  Had I not been on a few fabric benders since we moved, I might well have decreased the overall stash by now....Ahem.  I believe both of these are from fabrics I bought since we moved here, which would be surprising to someone who didn't know me after heaving box after box of fabric up and down stairs in the move, but there was a fabric store close to my old office that I could visit on my lunch break.  That is NOT a recommended practice, and besides just being a dreadful job, I've saved myself some money by changing jobs.  :)

This morning, I'll be cutting out the next project.  I started to cut it out yesterday, but derailed myself AGAIN by debating whether I should make the pattern I picked or maybe look for a different pattern...  Honestly, you'd think I of all people would know there will be more on the next lunch break, even.......

 I also cast on the new socks,
and I am still not sure how I feel about the yarn. It's Austermann Step, and the yarn has been coated with jojoba and aloe, which makes if feel very...unusual.  Not bad, just very, very odd.  I have really dry skin that can snag yarn in the worst of winter, so I can see the point, and might save the other two balls in my stash for winter knitting, because the TRUE yarn addict doesn't just buy one skein of a new yarn to "try it out,"  She buys three.........