Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greetings From Pen-Sleeve Purgatory!

Earlier this year, Andy found a really nice lathe for sale on Craig's list, and has been hard at work producing pens for Christmas gifts:
 They are extremely lovely and so far everyone just loves them--which is all good.  Because they are such lovely pens, we decided they needed to be presented IN something, which is where I come in:
These are just the ones we still have.  There were more.   And, just in case you were wondering, repeatedly making itty-bitty fabric tubes is sort of boring.  I've been trying to liven it up a bit with my new decorative stitching possibilities:

which helps a bit.  I have one more set to mark, stitch, and cut
and then I think I'll call it good for a while.  I was trying to use odd bits of scrap fabric from other projects, but I have to leave bigger seam allowances for regular fabrics, which makes them a bit bulkier, so I have switched to using felt.  SUCH useful stuff.  If I do all the stitching before cutting them apart, I can really get tiny, tiny seam allowances, which is really pretty cool on the first 25, though by number 30  the excitement wears off just a bit.

In other sewing news, prepare for a shock:
Emma has her very own bobbin cover!!!!!  And it only took my Husqvarna dealer (Holland's Sew Shoppe) just under three months!!!  The speedsters.

I have taken a wee break from chemo caps to pay a bit of attention to the beaded ostrich plume scarf
one of the aprons is totally finished!!!!!  The red material was in the "holiday prints" area, but I can't remember if it's supposed to be Christmas or Thanksgiving.  At any rate, I am pleased with how they are turning out, and I can't decide if I want to keep one of them and put the other one in the gift bin, or put both of them in the gift bin & make an entirely new one for myself.  They're so cute that I'm rather tempted to use them both as gifts, which is unfortunate as this whole project started because I wanted some holiday aprons.  Oh well, I also always need gifts.  Especially ones that don't need an itty-bitty sleeve.