Sunday, December 1, 2019

One Month Left

December 1, and yesterday I finished projects 40:
and 42:
and I am taking a vacation day tomorrow.  There's a shirt I finally got cut out in spite of Charlie's help,
and there could be some machine embroidery.....

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We went to the family ranch for what will hopefully be the last Thanksgiving there.  Theoretically, the ranch is finally sold, though it was supposed to close last week and didn't so one never knows.  We only spent one night there, partly because with the television on all the time and my family's tendency to squabble over even little things, it was loud and exhausting, but also because Charlie was spayed last weekend and we were attempting to keep her quiet.

 which is a lot to ask of a kitten who has just discovered that she can climb the 9-foot Christmas tree. 
 You can perhaps guess how far up the smaller tree she gets:
 It seems this tree is the perfect place to chase one's own tail.  And yet she looks so innocent...
Yesterday I started yet another project, but at least this is a very quick pattern,
and will need minimal quilting.  Clothes burn through the fabric stash a lot faster, but quilts are good projects to work on in the evening--or will be as soon as I figure out where to hide the pinned pieces so Charlie can't eat the pins.  We've learned there really isn't such as Charlie-proof, but there are some obvious things we know to avoid.  She's adorable, but she is quite a handful.  After we took the trees apart to stop her from climbing them while she had stitches,
she figured out how to climb onto the window above the doors.  I put the trees back together as at least she can climb DOWN from the trees.  I don't think I own any Christmas decorations that can be considered Charlie-proof...........