Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did I Forget To Mention.....

As many of you know, I lead the "Cold Sheeping" thread in my stashdown group on Ravelry--I think by default of being "she with the least amount of willpower."  ANYWAY, it was MY bright idea to issue monthly challenges this year, and the challenge for May is to finish 5 knitted projects by the end of the month.  Oh my. 

Meet May project number 1:
Mr. Flurry sans eyes.  I do intend to give him eyes, but getting to the black yarn requires moving a few things, and after a little strawberry-inspired insanity on Tuesday
I have honestly been trying to rest my arm--you know, like a normal person would.  BUT I'm counting Mr. Flurry as done.  (And the strawberry-vanilla jam, while not as good as the strawberry-balsamic vinegar one, is still fabulous & the English muffin bread goes with it nicely)

The Monkey Socks and I have worked out our differences:
I must say--it works rather well to explain to a misbehaving project what it could really mean to be banished to the WIP bin.  We've had no problems AT ALL ever since.....

And last but not least.....

See!  It really is finished!