Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Have Been Saved from the Swoopies!

Ramona has asked me to test knit a pattern she has written as a way to help raise money for a good friend. I'd like to think I would have agreed to help with such a great cause even if it didn't give me a whopping good excuse to avoid the swoopies for a few days, but let's just say that it might have helped her cause a bit.

In Knitting Land (unlike the Real World), good deeds are generally rewarded. Not only do I get to help someone who is helping a friend, getting a pair of great socks, getting away from the swoopies, I learned a fabulous new cast on for toe-up socks. Look at this:
OK, it might be really hard to see this, but you can't see the cast on AT ALL. I generally only make toe-up socks, but the pattern I have been using leaves a really rough line across the toe. I love this cast on! There is a video of it here, though I will admit that I cannot make it through the entire video. I am not really a "cutesy" person, so when Cat pretends that the knitting needles are talking to her fingers, I did really want to smack something. Hard. That is just me, of course, and I'm sure other people will find it cute/endearing/not in need of an intervention. The technique is quite fabulous, though, so I am quite grateful to Cat for filming it.

Incidentally, today someone landed on my blog because they did a Google search for "swoopies." What in heaven's name could they have been looking for?????????