Thursday, February 12, 2015

One top is done!

Spring Fever And Spring Cleaning

In spite of it still being February, we're having 60-degree weather this week and last (which will probably destroy most of Idaho's fruit crops among other things), and while it's completely crazy and unseasonal, it's hard not to enjoy the early spring.

Why is it that spring brings on the desire to clean?  Believe me, this is not a normal desire for me.  I know there are people who LOVE to organize because my sister is one of them and when we had to clean the garage as kids, she could extend it into an all-day ordeal and completely nasty to me when I stopped after doing what we had been asked to do instead of helping her organize.  (We're not close)  However,
after tidying my clothes closet, I thought it time to tackle the sewing room--at least in small doses.  Unlike a lot of people with huge stashes, I rarely buy things without a project in mind.  I just think of projects MUCH faster than I make them.  Much, MUCH faster.  So, besides dusting and sorting and revisiting things I've probably forgotten, I want to make sure I have my projects accounted for in my little project book.  It's up to 16 pages now, but as 68 of the projects are now finished, it's actually motivating rather than overwhelming.  My desire to check things off lists REALLY knows no bounds.  I will add things I've finished to a list just to be able to put a checkmark by it.  Really.  So, I'm hoping that now that I can sit for small periods of time, I can get to more and more of the projects I've lined up.  There are some great ones in there.  I'd love t say that empty cubbyhole is there because I've used up everything that was in it, but alas, that is not the case.  Instead, I dusted off the plastic bags of yarn, and found this
leftover from a sweater I made in 2007, and which is now in my Mad Dash bin to make another Lacy Bowknot scarf, this
which is leftover from a sweater I made in 2008 (and part of the 75 balls of yarn I bought to get ready for my first year of cold sheeping in case I ran out of yarn).  It is by far the worst yarn I have EVER worked with--knots in EVERY 75-yard skein, shedding, pilling, and the sweater I used it on looks 50 years old by now.  I almost threw it straight in the trash, but there are a few souls on Ravelry who like this yarn, so I think I'll list it for sale or trade for a bit. 

I was far more excited to find this:
which is a beautiful shirt-weight cotton flannel I bought in 2006 or 2007 and had intended for a shirt for Andy--and haven't seen in a few years.  So, after confirming with Andy that this is a color he would wear (surprise be damned--I have ripped back a sweater in a brown he hated, so we don't do surprises like that any more), I have set it aside for his birthday this year.  As soon as I finish the tan clothes for his birthday LAST year, of course. 

I actually might have started cutting it out yesterday (you know--before losing it again), but I decided the sensible thing to do would be to make some progress on the projects already in progress--for which I am VERY proud of myself as that is not the choice I would normally make.  Instead, I steeled myself to cut up my first 4 "strata" for the spicy spiral table runners,
and after puzzling over the writing of the instructions for a bit, finally figured out what the author meant, got my wedges for the first runner all cut out, and started sewing:
There's a point in the strips where, no matter which way you go, you're sewing against the pressed seams, so that part was slow, but I worked on it again this morning while drinking my coffee, 
and the first runner is close to being assembled.  I am really pleased with it, though these are definitely NOT the project for the less-craft-worthy recipients on our gift list.  After all this work, these babies will need SPECIAL homes--if I part with them at all.  :)

While mindlessly sewing the 96 strips together for the table runners, I decided to throw in the strips for the next project:
because once you're over 75, what's a few more?  I ran across this on Pinterest, and thought it would work really well for a table runner--you know, because I haven't worked in red and white for SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.  The real deciding factor here was that I had already ironed the red snowflake print before noticing that it was too orange to match the reds in the other table runner.  I don't know about you, but I hate ironing and rather than let that wrinkle-free fabric go back in the bin, I cut strips for ornaments and 2.5-inch strips both for my "jelly roll" bin and for this project.  I'm not sure how many table runners I'll make like this, but there could be quite a few if I like the look.  We exchange gifts with so many people during the year--it's a bit daunting to think about.  Out of all the table runners I've made in the past 2 years, I think there are 8 in the gift bin right now that aren't already earmarked for something soon.  So, there might be quite a few of these little guys.........