Thursday, September 29, 2016

Knit ALL the Things!

In spite of yesterday hitting a sweltering 92 degrees, fall is in the air and eventually the weather will catch on, so it's knitting season and I suddenly have a mad desire to
Seriously, I have the biggest case of starteritis I've had in a long time.  How does this happen?  I spent an hour--an HOUR--of prime crafting time last night searching Ravelry for patterns.  Do I not have a queue?  Of course I do.  But Me Made Monday has almost ruined knitting for me.  Now, not only do I have to want to knit the item, I need to want to wear it.  When did THAT happen?  I have thousands of yards of yarn stashed, and NOW I'm going to start being sensible?  That's going to RUIN crafting for me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Having FINALLY finished the socks I've been working on,
and the two floral jackets,
I've made my goal of 50 finished projects for the year!  Of course, I'm still quite a way from reaching any other goal--like 100-yards of fabric for the year--and Me Made Mondays took a bit of a hit recently, but I am back on track with this
for yesterday.  It's a crafting jacket I made years ago, and aside from the pockets being so far down the jacket that I can't reach all the way into them, this has been a pretty successful project.  I wear it a lot, which doesn't always happen with projects.

The big news is.....I quit my job and last Tuesday was my last day.  Ideally, I would have lined up another one before resigning, but my hours were so long, and with the frequency of the last-minute meetings scheduled in my personal time in the mornings, I wasn't able to do interviews.  This was the first weekend I'd had off in months, and since it happened to be our TENTH wedding anniversary (YAY!), Andy and I spent the weekend playing.  With different work schedules and different days off, we haven't done much together all summer, so we had a great time.  I paid for it yesterday as my back was really sore, but that gave me time to frog a project that wasn't going well, and start all over:
This time I've picked a pattern that others HAVE successfully made, so if I run into problems later, I'll at least know that they are user errors.  And I got gauge with size 11 needles, so I'm hoping to be able to finish this sweater before the year is out--wouldn't THAT be amazing!

Today I have resorted to taking a pain pill so I can be mobile, and have already gotten these prepped
and am hoping to attach the backing shortly.  Next year will be my turn for Christmas gifts again, so a little stockpiling will be a good thing. Or a lot of stockpiling, as I am trying to get to 100 yards of fabric for the year.........

Monday, September 12, 2016

Back To Me Made Monday

So, you might have noticed that I disappeared entirely for a while.  Something I didn't know about the new job was what is nicely called "band season," which in reality meant really long, exhausting hours (and without extra pay because I'm salaried, not hourly), so not only has there been little crafting, there's been little of anything except work and sleep.  The extended hours ended Friday, so I've had enough breathing room to at least turn on my computer.  And to remember that it's Me Made Monday, and it's cool enough for this today:
To be fair, this fabric is so lightweight that this probably has no warmth at all, but I do love how it looks. 

And how is everyone else doing?