Friday, April 22, 2011

"Lots of Progress" Friday

I view it as a personal victory that I have even been able to make headway on the April project of the month,

since I've had more than my share of "help"
 They're obviously taking it in turns to "assist" me.  Actually I shouldn't complain.  Andy is out of town on business right now, and they have taken it upon themselves to entertain/protect/instruct/snuggle me--mostly at 3:00 AM.  A little sewing help is a small thing compared to trying to convince two cats that it is NOT in my best interests to have anyone sleeping on my head. 

Even with the obvious case of insomnia, the floral jacket is now 99% complete, and has just been hanging a bit before doing the final top-stitching and the 4 front buttonholes,
and I even have buttons that I think will work nicely: 
They are some extremely pointless buttons I bought some time ago before realizing that the silly things are dry clean only, but since this fabric is dry-clean only as well, I thought they were a perfect match--or as perfect as anything can be that will be $15-$20 to "clean" for the rest of its life. 

I am staying faithful to my "stash-dash" bin, and have now used up one entire ball of the Jaeger Monte Cristo DK crepe, chalking up 116 more yards for the stash tally,
and am just adoring this yarn.  Makes sense, since it was discontinued many years ago.   It's a blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and has a lot of softness to it.  I hope it wears well.  After having this yarn marinate in my stash for 7-8 years (or more?), I intend to wear this a lot.  I feel like I owe it to the yarn.

While I remain faithful to the stash-dash bin,
I never said I was staying faithful to any particular project, now did I.......?  Let's not get crazy, after all............