Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Tuesday

Heavens! It's been a week.  How did that happen?  In no particular order, a little catching up:

*  The beaded scarf is done!!!  It isn't blocked yet, so it looks like a big noodle-y mess with beads right now, but yesterday I dug out my bead stash to find beads for the second one,
and have narrowed it down to three choices.  The yarn is more maroon than it looks here, and the pink would blend the most, the clear are a safe choice, but the ones in the center are where I'm leaning right now.  To put it in the most unclear way possible, I'm looking for "contrast, but not too much contrast."  Thank heavens I'm not having to torture a sales clerk with this decision.

*  Needing a break from beads, yesterday I cast on Saroyan,
which is a scarf in worsted weight on size 10 needles.  I'm using a ball of cotton yarn I'd purchased years ago to make dishcloths with, but all of my knitted dishcloths have been absolutely shredded since I got married, so I've stopped making them for us.  So, this is old stash that needed a new purpose, and I think it will work well for this--it should have a nice drape and won't be that warm so it can be a decorative scarf.  They might be airy, but lace scarves in wool or alpaca can be surprisingly warm, and sometimes scarves just need to be decorative.  And perhaps able to wash dishes.........

*  While today we're expecting a high of 65 and yesterday was just downright cold, we hit 90 degrees last week,
which was made even more uncomfortable by the fact that I hadn't even switched the furnace from winter to summer yet, and hadn't programmed the thermostat.  It's our second really hot day already, which probably means another miserable summer.  I know I don't have it as bad as Theo does as I'm pretty hairless in general, but it's also a lot less socially acceptable for me to lay down under the ceiling fan, so I think we're about even.  Last year we set a record for most days over 90, and I think the year before was the record for hottest recorded temperatures.  Between the constant conversion of dirt to concrete combined with global warming, I know this is only going to continue, but I don't think I'll ever learn to like knitting wool in extreme heat, so
I started the new apron.  Let's hope that by the time it's finished I will have learned to stitch truly straight lines. 

*  There has been sewing!!  In looking for something else, I ran across this:
which seems to be a cotton twill of some sort--probably not a blend as it REALLY wrinkles, and I had 4.5 yards of the stuff.  I do actually have a spreadsheet where I keep an inventory of fabric, but this stuff wasn't on it.  However, over the weekend, I made a pair of shorts with it.  Because my hip still can't cope with any rigidity in clothing, I just used a pattern with an elastic waist.  Thinking I'd be clever, I added four darts to the waistband,
then had rip them all out again when I figured out that I wouldn't be able to make the waistband casing if the top of the fabric was 2-inches less in diameter than the rest of the fabric.  Why these things can't occur to me BEFORE I do them remains a mystery, but they are finally finished, washed, and when we're back on speaking terms, they can be photographed.

*  The really big news of the week, however, is:
I finally got the thread chest!  I had ordered this last year for myself to celebrate the year without buying anything, but it never arrived.  They refunded my money, of course, but I was too disappointed to order it again.  The pillowcases, however, finally pushed me over the edge.  I realized how much I have been avoiding doing anything but single-color designs because of the hassle of digging through all my thread to find the colors, and that's really a waste.  So,
all the colors are now nicely laid out for me in an orderly manner (in MY sewing room!), and I am ready for anything.  Of course, if I could figure out how to tell my embroidery software to use Madeira thread numbers instead of Sulky as the default, it would be even MORE exciting, but we can't have everything. 

Of course, the arrival of anything needed to go IN the sewing room required cleaning OF the sewing room, and that is mostly what I have been doing with my crafting time this past week.  I have started a tablerunner to go with the monogrammed napkins,
which is what Theo is laying on at this moment.  I'm using the same silver thread as the napkins, so I haven't yet used the new thread, but it did finish off one spool of existing Sulky thread, so it not only matches--it's using up my existing thread stash.  I'm using a trigger poplin fabric that I'd purchased to make a summer table runner for us with place mats, so that will be the first embroidery project with the new thread.  I use strawberries and roses for our "summer motif," so I have some strawberry edging designs I want to try. 

*  No cleaning would be complete without
attention to existing WIPs.  This is a dress from a pattern I've made before and wear a lot, and the fabric has a nice drape, so it will be really nice to have it done.  Then back to the planned summer clothes.....

*  I WALKED OVER 10 MILES LAST WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  Granted, by now walking doesn't really do much for building muscles because I've been doing it so much, but it was a really big milestone to be able to do that after the stress after the party.  Stress is really hard on my back, and always hurts a lot, but bouncing back more quickly is at least a step in the right direction.  I haven't been able to do much walking this week because we met my parents for lunch for father's day on Sunday, and it was an hour's driving each way, which was more than my back could do just yet and yesterday was REALLY painful, but today is better.  I'd like to just skip the set-backs as pain is really pretty exhausting, but they aren't as bad as they used to be and I'm bouncing back sooner.  Let's hope that's a step in the "gone for good" road.......