Thursday, April 7, 2011

Virtual Knitting Retreat Begins!

So, I'm only half participating because as my back allows, I'm catching up on all the things I didn't get done over the past week, but when my back does NOT allow, my projects for the knitting retreat are:

Andy's birthday sweater.  The one for 2010.  As he is about to finish my birthday gift for 2010, I thought it only fair.
and I even have the sense to NOT try knitting him anything for this year's birthday.  I'll also hopefully get the baby sweater sewn together:
but the latest chemo cap was finished last night, so it doesn't really count for the retreat.  
Yesterday I also finished my monthly thread on the cross stitch
 so I think I'm closing in on the 10-year plan for the thing.  The shawl has also received some attention this week
and is actually moving slightly faster as I'm working on one of the "arms" so have fewer stitches to contend with.  Of course, I'd be much farther along if it hadn't been for this
A new project.  Which is only sort of made more excusable by the fact that I frogged the Lotus blossom tank I was going to start with the red Monte Cristo crepe.  I decided that since the Monte Cristo yarns are probably the oldest in my stash, I want to make things I love from them, but I liked the idea of finally using one of them up, so I decided to opt for this project.  AND,
as these skeins were rolled on big cardboard tubes, they take up a lot of space, so this sweater could actually free up quite a bit of stash room in the closet--besides being a bright and springy--which makes it even more exciting because it is currently snowing outside.  Dang it!