Friday, June 19, 2015

Toni vs. the Eyelets

You know, I feel less guilty about swearing when the project isn't a gift, which is kind of a good thing.  You know those little rings one puts laces through?
 Well, I have a newly discovered respect for their existence now.  Especially the ones without little bits of the back broken off.  I marvel at those.  However,
after a couple practices on extra fabric, redoing two of the eyelets, and completely wearing out my hand, 10 of the little monsters are now in the vest and ready for the sueded leather cording I found
which I thought would look somewhat authentic but which sheds all over everything, especially a white dress underneath.  And now that it is finished in's really HOT to wear.  It's lined AND interfaced, so I might opt to not wear it after all.  I had a backup scarf plan lined up in case the eyelets didn't work out, and that would be much, much cooler.  We'll see.  When it's over 90 degrees, I'm all about staying cool.  Like with the ice cream, which did NOT make my hands hot......:)