Saturday, August 8, 2009

Andy Has Pants!!!!

Finishing Friday worked!!!! The pants are done and the shirt is past the collar!!!!

Shirt collars are perhaps my least favorite part of sewing. It's a close race between zippers of any sort and shirt collars. Luckily, women's clothes rarely have them. Unluckily, Andy positively refuses to wear women's clothes, so I am stuck with shirt collars.

I don't know why they bother me so much. Maybe it's that whole trying-to-get-pointy-collars thing, or that they are always two-part unless your spouse is more tolerant of Mandarin collars than mine is. Maybe it's that they are so tricky, and unlike zippers, are extremely noticeable, so all errors really must be fixed. At any rate, forcing myself to sit down at the sewing machine for two hours got me through it. And the threat of dragging out the silky blouse-that-must-not-be-named if I gave up on it didn't hurt any. Now I just have the sleeves to attach, buttonholes to make, and a shirt hem to do. Yay!

And a quick follow up--I made the chili pepper napkins 11 inches square and serged the edges with a rolled edge using "wooly nylon" thread. It's a nice cocktail size. I made some once with an actual hem--something not to be repeated in this lifetime--that ended up being about 10 inches square, and they've always been just a bit too small. For dinner napkins I generally to to 19 or 20-inch squares with a serged edge. On onee set I particularly liked, I serged the edges with embroidery thread and a metallic thread. It was a nice effect, and made them a bit stiff, which would make them better for folding if one does that sort of thing. We try, but so far we know exactly two folds. I am trying to learn a few more, but I can't help thinking that if I serged a bit of wire into the edges, I might finally be able to get that dang fleur-de-lis fold correct. Oh sure, it might impale the guests at dinner, but it would look nice......