Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet WIP Number THREE!

Colorwork ornament number SEVEN is done:
which leads me to think that the plan needs to be altered to "complete all 55 ornaments at some point in my lifetime."  I'm now aiming for 10 this year. 

And this morning,
I finally finished the blue bowl.  I canned a double-batch of carrot salsa AND a batch of chunky basil pasta sauce yesterday, so I am taking an extended weekend as a crafting vacation.  Ideally, I'll end up with either ornaments or finished WIPs (or both), but besides being fun, the bowl was on my sewing machine and the easiest way to get it OFF my sewing machine was to finish it.  It was supposed to be rather oval shaped,
but it seems one must start with a more dramatic oblong than I did, because mine managed to flatten out into a "mostly round" shape.  This is why I'm learning with colored rope rather than covering plain rope with fabric--I can only manage one variable at a time. 

Next up.................ornaments?