Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Was Traumatic,

...but we survived the steeking.  To be fair, so far I have only cut the armholes

because I thought it would make more sense to figure out the zipper length before steeking.  Obviously my first guess

 was a bit wrong.  The 26-inch zipper it is. There will be a collar, but not a 3-inch one.  One of the great things about making up a sweater is the ability to alter on the fly as needed.  Of course, one of the great drawbacks is the need to do so. 

In spite of daily fantasies about other yarns, I am holding firm on my Stashdash challenge, and when I was in dire need of purse knitting for a day of running errands on Monday,
I started a new scarf from one of my stashdash basket yarns.  I'd purchased this stuff years ago from specifically to make scarves, and it's only taken me about 6 or 7 years to get around to doing so.  I think in the knitting world that might be sort of speedy.  There are (were) 3 balls of this stuff in my basket, which will give me 3 finished scarves by July 1.  Christmas knitting done early perhaps??????  And if I finish 3 Christmas gifts 6 months early, does that somehow mitigate the fact that Andy's birthday sweater is already 10 months late?