Sunday, January 6, 2019

It's Been a Snoozy-Sort of Weekend

Was anyone else worn out by the holidays?

Anyway, it is a new year and time for new crazy resolutions.  Now that I'm back to work, 100 finished projects is completely unreachable, but I think 50 again is good.  And the BIG goal is to finish 6 sweaters!

Really, it shouldn't be that difficult as I think I have at least 6 in progress and 2 are really close to being finished, but I always get a bit squirrelly about definitive goals.  If I try to stay focused on something, all OTHER projects (or cleaning, or vacuuming, or laundry) start to look strangely attractive.  Such as being 6 days in to the new year and being obsessed with finishing a pair of socks.  But I'm going to do this!  I'm going to finish them!  And I'm either going to find some sweater wips or start some new ones!  And if that cleaning thing starts to look good suddenly, I'll probably find my sweater WIPs!  I think this could work!