Friday, April 10, 2015

Did You Think That Was a Lot of Ornaments?

There are MORE.  A total of 36 in progress, to be exact.

Every time I cut fabric for something, I cut a strip or two for my kimono ornament box:
which allows me to play around with matching fabrics and makes for less ironing (ALWAYS a consideration in my life).  While this has many good aspects, lately it has also meant that the box was getting very, very full.  THEN I got the idea for these,
 because so many of our friends play music (I think the clasp stitching needs to be in gold on the next ones, don't you?), and while I was getting the music fabrics out, I ran across the silver fabric
which really looks good with two blue and silver fabrics...........and by the time I stopped pinning I had 36 ornaments in progress.  And not a huge dent in my kimono ornament stash.  Ahem........

I think one of the things that added to so many ornaments in progress is that I had my craft table to myself.  This is the official sign of spring around here.  While Theo is still willing to join me for his latest game,
(catch the stick through the laundry basket), outside is much more exciting than inside.  And as many of my spring plants are still in the kitty protection program,
this works out well for all concerned.  I am even considering getting something else cut out while I am without kitty assistance, but want another stab at using my new mini-iron now that I have these:
One set will go in the nifty little side pocket our ironing board cover has, and the others will remain in the sewing room for when I use my iron and possibly that darn glue gun.  You would be amazed at all the things one can't do without using the index finger.

Yesterday was a pretty bad back day, so I spent a lot of time with the new scarf,
which turns everything it touches purple.  It's an acrylic, which I thought were more color-fast, but the new purple tinge to my bamboo needles is even more pronounced than it is in the picture.  I'll see what a vinegar rinse does for this scarf when it's done.  Otherwise, it might be turning homeless people purple soon.......