Monday, January 17, 2011

This Is So Good, I Had To Share

A couple days ago, RobinH left some directions for button placement on a women's blouse that I thought were so helpful that I just had to share.  Some of you might have already figured this out on your own, but for those of us that would have struggled along for years with bad button placement, here 'tis:

As for button placement- a trick I learned from my mom so long ago I don't really remember when I learned it: Try the blouse on. Mark the location of the largest part of the bust. You *must* have button here or the shirt will gap. Then mark the spot where the top button will go. Then (depending on the distance between them and the size of your buttons) mark spaces for the buttons that will go equidistant between them. Then, using the same spacing, put buttons down the rest of the front until you run out of shirt.

These are the places to put the button holes. Once the buttonholes are in, line up the two shirt fronts, pin them, and use them to mark the button locations.

(As you've probably guessed, I never put the buttons where the pattern designer says- how would they know where my bust is?)