Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not-So-Much Me-Made-Monday

Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment before work, which really limits the clothing options in general because skirts are completely out.  So maybe I can get through July and August with Me Made One-Random-Day-Of-The-Week.  Or maybe I could just figure out how this:
could count as a fashion accessory.  Hat?  Purse?  Hm, what if I count purses for Me Made Monday?  You know, since I've finished exactly ONE.  But it could get me through this week.......

We had a busy weekend.  Andy's birthday was on Saturday, so we celebrated on Sunday since one of us now works on Saturday.  But I did get in a little sewing time,
and let me just tell you that I'm glad I learned the rope bowl technique with colored rope FIRST before adding fabric strips.  It's not actually difficult, but figuring out how to judge angles like this
are a bit easier if that is the only thing one has to worry about.  The bowl was made from scraps from one of the Spicy Spiral runners, which is again more difficult than long fabric strips.  But it's a great way to use up scraps, and the short color runs create a different look than the long one. 

Now I have a question for my fellow crafters.  These bowls are cotton fabric, which will fade in sunlight.  I seriously doubt they're ever going to be washed or anything, so I was wondering about covering them with Mod Podge to help keep them clean and stop them from fading.  I know it can be used on fabric, but A) I've never used it on fabric, and B) I've never used Mod Podge on anything at all.  What do you think?  Have any of you used it?