Saturday, July 23, 2016

Me Made Friday

Yesterday was hot, so it was a perfect day for a cotton sundress:
which I swear I took a picture of yesterday but it seems it was with an imaginary camera.  Anyway, I finished this blue dress in 2013 and wore it yesterday while out running errands.  It's a bit casual for work, but it is fabulous for 100+ temperatures.  So, I've made it another week with Me Made Days.  Do you think it's possible to make a shirt in a single day?

I could have tried cutting out a cotton shirt or something yesterday, but instead the sewing room needed some tidying--especially after I rampaged through it looking for another ball of yarn to finish the THREE remaining rows on the current Begonia Swirl shawl.  I found the yarn, but then when I swear I was putting away the leftover rope from making the last bowl, I found myself working on this:
To say it's going faster with just the rope would be an understatement.  This is cotton rope, and I've wanted to try an ombre dying technique on a rope bowl since I first saw a picture of it on Pinterest (which of course I can't find now to link to).   Theo was on hand to help,
or take advantage of the ceiling fan--one or the other. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not-So-Much Me-Made-Monday

Yesterday I had a physical therapy appointment before work, which really limits the clothing options in general because skirts are completely out.  So maybe I can get through July and August with Me Made One-Random-Day-Of-The-Week.  Or maybe I could just figure out how this:
could count as a fashion accessory.  Hat?  Purse?  Hm, what if I count purses for Me Made Monday?  You know, since I've finished exactly ONE.  But it could get me through this week.......

We had a busy weekend.  Andy's birthday was on Saturday, so we celebrated on Sunday since one of us now works on Saturday.  But I did get in a little sewing time,
and let me just tell you that I'm glad I learned the rope bowl technique with colored rope FIRST before adding fabric strips.  It's not actually difficult, but figuring out how to judge angles like this
are a bit easier if that is the only thing one has to worry about.  The bowl was made from scraps from one of the Spicy Spiral runners, which is again more difficult than long fabric strips.  But it's a great way to use up scraps, and the short color runs create a different look than the long one. 

Now I have a question for my fellow crafters.  These bowls are cotton fabric, which will fade in sunlight.  I seriously doubt they're ever going to be washed or anything, so I was wondering about covering them with Mod Podge to help keep them clean and stop them from fading.  I know it can be used on fabric, but A) I've never used it on fabric, and B) I've never used Mod Podge on anything at all.  What do you think?  Have any of you used it?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Me Made Saturday

So I had PLANNED to wear the shawl, but walked right out the door and forgot about it. Then it just didn't work out any other day, so I am wearing one of my VERY favorite pieces today.  It was a nightmare to make as the fabric ravelled badly, but I adore this jacket.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Me Made Mondays

While there are really only 52 weeks in a year, it is starting to feel like there are 115 Me Made Mondays.  It wasn't too bad in the spring and winter, but summer is only really getting going and it's already difficult.  It has a lot to do with my personality.  Generally, I start thinking about what I'm going to wear just about the time I have gotten out of the shower and am realizing that naked is probably NOT the theme to go with for the day.  But I have a dinner to go to tonight after work, so all weekend I've been trying to think of what to wear that is both appropriate for work and dressy enough for the dinner, and what possible me-made item could work with such a scenario.  I'm thinking this:
which is easily my favorite shawl (meaning I've actually worn it).  I finished this back in 2003, and I think it's the second shawl I made.  The pattern is Lotus Blossom Lace, and the great thing about this shawl is that the construction makes it easy to wear.  I love shawls, but while they look great on the models posed in pictures, but when it comes to wearing them in real life, they fall off, slide around, or get caught on things.  The v-shape of this one makes it actually fit around a human AND STAY THERE, or at least until said human gets warm or spills something on it.  Ahem.  It almost makes me want to make one in a lighter yarn--you know, like the weight that had its own entire BIN in the sewing room--if I ever get this

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Me Made Tuesday

Originally, I was going to stick to Me Made Monday and wear the pink sewing jacket I made years ago from this,
but even inside with the air conditioning going, it was too hot.  Today, however, will only be in the 80s, so I decided it could be Me Made Tuesday and I'm wearing
 which is the second-oldest sweater I have, but as I only fixed it a few years ago so that the neckline was wearable, it looks new still.  Honestly, I love this sweater, and for making it in high school, aside from not weaving in any ends, I did a pretty decent job on it. 

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend.  I didn't spend as much time sewing as I thought I would, but we did a LOT of walking, got some flowers planted, I got some financial stuff taken care of, read a lot, stretched a lot, and relaxed.  I even made a bowl,
using the leftover fabric from the wine-themed spicy-spiral runner I made for us, and I love how it turned out.  I'm not sure if anyone can tell it's actually wine-themed, but I love it anyway.  So there might be a few more bowls coming up using scraps since this one turned out so well.  Of course, what I should be doing is sewing something appropriate to wear to work when the heat returns, but when have I ever planned ahead?

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Four Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday was crazy busy at the store, but theoretically this is our slow season, so the stores are closed for both Saturday AND Monday for the 4th of July holiday.  Since Friday is my usual day off, that means this is a 4-day weekend for me.  YAY!!!!!!!  And do I need it.  I went back to work on such short notice that everything has been really rushed, and my back and hip are exhausted.  Thursday my hip had managed to irritate the sciatic nerve, which is hasn't done before, so I spent the day trying to deal with sciatica.  While it doesn't hurt as much as my long-standing hip issues, that does really, really hurt and it was really difficult to drive home.  I've made an appointment to see my physical therapist again, but it will be two weeks.  In the meantime, stretching and walking are helping it, but I'm still sore.  However,
I have finished what I think is one of my longest-planned projects.  I've had "map fabric jacket" on my project list forever, and I think this is the fabric I was describing.  Looking at it, it has nothing at all to do with maps, so there could still be a map-themed fabric somewhere in the stash, and in that case, I just don't remember buying this fabric.  And I got a cute jacket out of it anyway.  I've even started
two more.  I'm trying to make two of the same pattern, but I have 3 yards of this fabric and technically need 3.25 for two jackets, so IF cutting them out concurrently doesn't solve the problem, I'll use white fabric for some of the linings and cuffs and that sort of thing on one of them.  I think that could be cute anyway.  I also
 finished the red embroidery table runner, as well as two others, and finished embroidering the 6th one, which I hope to hem today, using up every last bit of that fabric.  Yay!  I'm at 65.4 yards of fabric for the year now, and still have today and tomorrow off.  Theo is, of course,
very excited that I'm home with him.  The fourth of July is always a stressful time for animals, and Idaho has the DUMBEST fireworks laws in the country.  For reasons that can only have involved money from the firework stand owners, it's legal to buy "illegal" fireworks provided you sign a waiver saying you'll take them out of state to set them off.  As if Oregon isn't 10 times smarter than we are and just bans them outright, so OF COURSE they're set off here.  This year the illegal-firework-caused fires started early, and one family already lost their home.  But what better way to celebrate individual liberty than to lie about a purchase, then burn a stranger out of their home and waste a bunch of tax-payer money on putting out fires?  We're not even smart enough to charge a nuisance tax on the things to pay for the fires that are caused Every Single Year.  So, the cats are permanently attached to me for the weekend, and I've put them both on de-stress meds for the weekend, and am REALLY trying to be a nice enough person not to wish that the fireworks enthusiasts of the neighborhood will blow a finger or two off this year.