Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things Learned This Week

*  When trying to sort out the yarn I will be knitting in the next 12 months and the yarn I won't get to in the next year, I have discovered that some part of me really still believes I can knit a 10-year supply of yarn in the next 12 months.

*  If one has big rubber tubs full of yarn, until one has actually emptied out every single tub of yarn and double-checked it, one should not boast that one finally has one's entire stash on Ravelry....unless one wants to be blindsided by 15 unaccounted for skeins lurking in the depths of the stash.

*  Getting the sewing machines and computer all set up on the new sewing table would be even MORE exciting if I knew where my patterns, pin cushions, extra needles, marking pencils, and hem gauges were and could actually start sewing.

*  If one can't find a knitting group that one likes, a clever knitter offers to teach all her friends to knit.