Sunday, February 14, 2016

50 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've now gone 50 days without buying fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've come close, I've even had fabric in an online cart, but I didn't buy!!!!!!!!!

Now just 316 days left to go................

Happy Valentine's Day!

Which is, truth be told, my least-favorite holiday.  I grew up in a small town with a VERY large extended family--many of which married REALLY young (usually because of unplanned pregnancies, of course)--and if you've experienced either scenario, you'll know that either of them means there's an inexcusable number of people constantly asking you when you're going to get married, why aren't you married yet, and making sure you really felt that you were unacceptable as a single person.  It got so bad that I dated someone for more than a year without telling my mother because she wouldn't lay off the incessant nagging about being married.  So, I am understandably touchy about anything that makes unattached people feel bad. 

Do you remember Valentine's Day in grade school?  We'd decorate shoe boxes or made construction paper envelopes, then we'd all go around the room and drop Valentine's into the boxes.  Every single one.  I loved that.  It didn't exclude anyone, didn't make anyone feel bad (hopefully), and was just a nice little day of celebrating friends.  So, my lovely crafting friends, here is the Valentine I would be dropping in your funky Valentine shoebox if I could:
and hoping you're having a lovely weekend.