Friday, April 18, 2014


The penguin pajamas are done!  And, while I might be getting a wee bit tired of flannel, it's supposed to be rainy today, so I've decided to go ahead and cut out the next set
while I know how to work the pattern.  It will also finish off the 22 yards of flannel I bought after the spending ban ended in November, which will make me feel good.  Buying fabric that was used up quickly is much different than buying fabric that expanded the stash. And part of me is just a wee bit superstitious.  I've spent a LOT of the last 3 years in pajamas, and part of me sort of feels like if I were prepared to spend a lot of time in pajamas, then maybe I won't actually spend all that time in pajamas.  It's a very nonsensical theory, but the size of my stash doesn't exactly make a lot of sense either, so it works for me. 

If I get them done this weekend, I'll have used up 22.5 yards of fabric this month, which DOES free up space in the sewing room and brings me much closer to being on track for 100 yards.  Then I can go back to the green jacket and the soon-to-be jackets, which take a lot of sewing for not much yardage.  I also have some embroidery projects to start working on, including
napkins to monogram.  Andy is making wooden napkin rings for our niece who is getting married this summer, and I thought monogrammed napkins would be a nice addition.  I bought these from Amazon rather than trying to find material to make them.  I wanted something that didn't have to be ironed, but wasn't so fussy that it would need special washing, like our really nice napkins.  They're young, just starting out, and don't have space for things they can't use or are too much trouble to use.  We don't know what colors they're using, but Andy is experimenting with a silver band between the wood, so I thought either monograms in just silver or half in silver and half in gold.  Which leads to a potential problem:  silver embroidery thread.  They make metallic embroidery threads, but they do NOT make metallic embroidery threads that do not break or snarl the machine, and I find it best to use them for slow, straight stitching, not machine embroidery.  I have a gold colored embroidery thread,
but the light grey colors I have are in small quantities and might not make it through a stack of napkins.  I also considered white-on-white, but I associate that with really nice napkins, and I'm not sure it would look as elegant on polyester.  I am NOT going to the store on a weekend, so I'm hoping to figure this out in another way.  I did also consider doing all 12 napkins in different colors--probably lighter shades--but maybe I'll save that trick for the next ones I do for us.  It could either be really cute or really dreadful, and I think we'd best try that one out on ourselves first.  Our house is largely decorated in Crafting Project Rejects--a very coveted look, really..............