Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Now I remember why I enjoy machine embroidery--it's fast and I can do it while doing other things. 

I am still very exhausted when I get home from work, but if I get up early enough--and don't have to spend the entire time straightening out my hip--I have a couple hours in the morning before I have to leave, so
I'm working on the free-standing lace and applique ornaments.  I bought this set last year or the year before, and hadn't tried all the ornaments yet, so I'm working my way through all of them.  This:
turned out really well, as did this one:
I like this one, 
but didn't think to do the final top stitching in gold until it was too late.  So I'm making a second one this morning, WITH the gold trim.  They're slow, but I love them, and they look fantastic on the tree.  The fabric is a Christmas organza I found on clearance.  If it isn't stiff enough for this, I'll use a permanent stiffener on them because I really like how it looks. 

Friday I had the day off again, so I decided it was time to try my first real weaving project.  I decided to use some stripes for the warp,
 and originally was going to try stripes for the weft (see my new technical jargon?), but had to admit that I'm just not quite ready for that, so
 I decided it would all be in a solid color.  I'm still pretty rough at times, but
 I'm getting better.  I am hoping I have more of the white stashed away somewhere.  Otherwise, this will be a tablerunner rather than a scarf.  I'm flexible that way. 

Digging through my massive bag of feltable wool,
 I discovered that I had bagged up colorways for hats, and since they were there.......
 I'm making a felted hat in purples.  The hat uses 400 yards of wool and size 11 needles, so it's a great way to decrease my stash.  Not all of this yarn is accounted for on Ravelry, but whatever.  It takes up space in my closet and when the hat is done, I'll have used up 400 yards of stash--quite a bit more than I've used up recently. 

The butterfly jacket is still sitting forlornly next to the sewing machine,
and I'm really hoping to finish it up on Friday.  I've found that basting the 5/8-inch seam allowance is the best way to make a narrow hem on slippery fabrics, so maybe if I get that part done today, I'll be all set for the weekend!  Hope my sewing machine doesn't freeze up in shock.............:)